Evaulating the Physical Ability to Work

This ‘AWCI.Ca’ website, currently, is working with limited functionality. Various background fixes are occurring, but we are mainly communicating by email.

The upcoming test dates for paramedics ‘PAE’ Physical Agility Evaluation are as follows:

London E3  – 331 Aberdeen Dr, London, ON  within L&DCA building     

Tuesday May 28th – 1:45; 2:45

Times are subject to availability, and booked in the order that payments are received, when preferences are provided.

$342.50 (includes HST)

eTransfer to account@awci.ca

In the ‘note‘ section of the eTransfer, you must include:

  1. ‘First name’ ‘Last name’;
  2. The eMail that you prefer to be used for results and the email that will receive the ‘Order Confirmation’ appointment notice.
  3. The date of your 1st preference & time; 2nd preference date/time; etc.

Simply posed the question PAE? (also PAV? or RETEST?…as applicable)

Make your answer the date of your 1st preference in this form: mmddyyyy

Candidates wear paramedic uniform pants and paramedic work boots for testing.


  • Avoiding strenuous activities 12 hours before, stimulants (coffee, red bull etc.) for
  • 6 hours before your testing; and lotions that would make your palms greasy. 
  • Please consult our office if you take Ventolin or a medication that can affect your blood pressure or heart rate.

Driver’s License for Identification, necessary Meds, glasses etc.

Results are emailed in PDF format in approximately a week from your test date.

* Please note that Ability Works Consulting reserves the right to adjust the date and time of a confirmed appointment, but will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your schedule in the event of a change.

** Please find a re-iteration of our cancellation policy below.


  • 25% of fee is non-refundable for PAE cancellations up to 2 weekdays (Mon – Fri) prior to PAE date
  • 50% of fee is non-refundable for PAE cancellation 1 weekday (Mon – Fri) prior to the date of PAE
  • 100% of fee is non-refundable for cancellation of PAE less than 1 weekday (Mon – Fri) prior to PAE date