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To secure an evaluation time slot, payment must be made in full using your PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can pay directly using Visa/MasterCard/American Express through PayPal. Fill in all of the fields in the form below, then select one of the open time slots (green boxes). Click on "Buy Now" to process your payment. Once the payment is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email.

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Cancellation Policy:

  • 25% of fee is non-refundable for PAE cancellations up to 2 non-holiday weekdays (Mon – Fri) prior to PAE date
  • 50% of fee is non-refundable for PAE cancellation 1 non-holiday weekday (Mon – Fri) prior to PAE date
  • 100% of fee is non-refundable for cancellation of PAE less than 1 non-holiday weekday (Mon – Fri) prior to PAE date

Please note that Ability Works Consulting reserves the right to adjust the date and time of a confirmed appointment, but will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your schedule in the event of a change.

By Clicking the "Buy Now" button blow, I acknowledge that I have contracted Service(s) from Ability Works Consulting Inc and have entered the PAE process. Specifically, you are authorizing Ability Works to release the results of a Physical Agility Evaluation in which you participated, including any report which Ability Works has created containing the results of such testing, along with any observations and conclusions based on that evaluation, to the Recipient.

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> THUNDER BAY _ Week of Jan 8

Typically, PAE Summaries are emailed 1-2 business days following testing.*

Any available PAEcan be changed to aRETEST or anupgrade test (PAV).

UPGRADE YOUR PAEYou qualify to book a 'PAV' [Physical Agility Verification]
[click] 'BOOK AN EVALUATION' tab above, and[click]'PAV Test' to see the options.
ADDITIONALLY, you can ask AWCI to change an available PAE to a PAV.
PAE RETESTYou can request a PAE 'RETEST',within 4 months ofyourunsuccessful
PAE, by emailinginfo@awci.ca, to ask AWCI to changean existing and available PAE.
Once the RETEST spot has been added, you will receive anemail directing you to go to this
website, and [click] 'BOOK AN EVALUATION' then[click]'PAV Test'above to view the options.
CHANGE AN APPOINTMENTSend an email toinfo@awci.ca,and specifically request
AWCItocancelyour bookedappointment (subject to the applicable cancellation penalty), andrequest
a CREDITthat you can apply to: (1)a specific date/time thatis currently offered on our site:
(2)a new date/time within thesubsequent 4 months.
If the CREDIT is not redeemed with in the 4 months,upon request,a refund can be available, less
the applicable penaltiesand fees.
CANCEL AN APPOINTMENTSend an email toinfo@awci.ca, and specifically request AWCI
to cancelyour bookedappointment, and a refund (less applicable penalties and fees) will be issued via
PayPal to the payment sourse that was used.
toenable arecord of communictions.Please note that only ONE PAE appointment may be held by a candidate
at any one time.. If more thanone appointment is identified, without an email comminication to detail the reasons,
then only the near-timeappointment will be kept.
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