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Will I be penalized if i cancel my appointment?

Any cancellation activiates the cancellation policy relative to up toa cancellation: 2-days before at a

25% penalty; 1-day before at a 50% penalty; and the day of the scheduled appointment at a100% penalty.

However, when you book a new appointment to replace your current appointment, you need to immidiately

cancel your current appointment. You are still subject to the cancellation policy, but the penalty is tabled until

the fullfilment only subject to   


Is there a difference between GTA_E1 and GTA_E2?

PAE is a standardized test which means that regardless of the location, all PAE testing is the same.  When you book a PAE in a location, please reference the 'Locations' tab to source the address.

What will my unsuccessful PAE Summary include?

An unsuccessful PAE Summary will include your name, evaluation date and picture as along with a listing of the test results that showed a deficit capacity meaning that it is below "target" level or employment level.  Your Summary will also indicate test results that were above the "Target" level but below the average capacity of the occupational group and this capacity is identified as a "Suggested Improvement". You will also receive a physical development sheet with the test names so that you can cross-reference the test names with a weight range, primary and secondary muscle groups and related occupational tasks.


What will my successful PAE Summary include?

A successful PAE Summary will include your name, evaluation date and picture and will simply indicate that you have met the minimum physical requirements for the position.


Will I need to complete a different PAE for each employer?

No... because the PAE is a standardized evaluation and therefore a candidate completes one sucessful PAE to be used with any of the PAE Employers (any Employer requiring the PAE for employment).  With a successful PAE completion, each candidate receives their PAE Summary in PDF format that can be printed and submitted or emailed to Paramedic Employers.


What is the validity period for PAEs?

The typical PAE validity period is 6 months, but it can be shorter or longer based on.  When posting for a Paramedic employment opportunities, the employer will specifiy the validity period for that particular posting.  The validity period may depend upon the time of year of the posting.

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