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Physical Agility Evaluations

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Our Physical Agility Evaluation (PAE) is a preventative measure to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries with paramedics.

The PAE tests a candidate’s physical ability to grip, pinch, pull, lift and evaluates a candidate’s occupational fitness during these activities. Lifting abilities are evaluated while the candidate are in various work-related positions. The pictures to the right illustrate working postures of paramedics and the positions from which they need to generate and resist forces. These same postures and positions are used when evaluating a paramedic candidates' strength capacities in the PAE. As well, other related strengths are evaluated such as low back and shoulder strength. An ARCON computerized functional diagnostic evaluation system is used to evaluate a candidate’s maximum lifting capacities.

When preparing for this type of testing, a candidate may want to consult a healthcare professional or college notes and instructors regarding appropriate training methods. Many fitness facilities offer weight machines, free weights and instruction regarding proper strengthening techniques. Reducing a paramedics potential for injury benefits the paramedic, the EMS service and the public that receives the service.

Clothing: Candidates wear paramedic uniform pants and paramedic work boots for testing

Suggest: Avoiding strenuous activities 12 hours before; stimulants (coffee, red bull etc.) for 6 hours before your testing; and lotions that would make your palms greasy. Please consult our office if you take ventolin or another medication that can effect your heart rate.

Bring: Drivers Licence for Identification, necessary Meds, glasses etc.

Results: We endeavour to release results in approximately a week from your test date by emailed and in PDF format.

* Please note that Ability Works Consulting reserves the right to adjust the date and time of a confirmed appointment, but will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your schedule in the event of a change.

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