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PAE Preparation Services: Not all students graduating from Ontario College Paramedic programs have been able to meet the minimum physical abilities that PAE Employers require as represented by the component tests within the PAE. Consequently, during the past ten years we have offered two preparatory services and the WORKSHOP is one option.

PAE Workshop (WORKSHOP)assists candidates to familiarize themselves with the PAE components and testing process with the ARCON evaluation system as well as feedback on technique. The WORKSHOP is done as a group in a more relaxed atmosphere where results are discussed but not recorded. It is a forum for constructive interaction with participates and evaluator. A WORKSHOP currently includes a group of 5 candidates $125* per attendant (or $128.88 with PayPal) and the workshop’s objectives include:

  • 2 hours of group exposure to the PAE Components and ARCON equipment
  • Relaxed interaction with the equipment and Evaluator
  • Bio-feedback from the Evaluator about your technique
  • Benefits of hearing positional and postural feedback about each of your group members
  • Benefits of a group dynamic for current and future workout options

Workshops are completed in groups of 5 candidates and typically done with your workout partner. Workshops can be offered in London with a single group of 5 candidates. There is a minimum number of groups in locations away from London.

Upcoming Cities for WORKSHOPS:

> LONDON E3 - VST _ Week of May 13

Please pre-arrange a group(s) and contact our office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange a date/ location/ time.

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