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PREP test - PAE Paramedic

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PAE Preparation Services: Not all students graduating from Ontario College Paramedic programs have been able to meet the minimum physical abilities that PAE Employers require as represented by the component tests within the PAE. Consequently, during the past ten years we have offered two preparatory services and the PREP is one option.

PAE Preparatory (PREP) testing services assist candidates to baseline their abilities with respect to PAE requirements. The PREP tests some of the PAE components with which previous candidates have had difficulty. The PREP is done in a testing process and results are provided as a summary by email approximately a week later. Your results are compared to the PAE requirements, aka... “Employment Standard” and results are categorized as:

  1. Major deficit…More than 20% below the PAE Requirement and Employment Standard
  2. Minor deficit…1 – 20% below the PAE Requirement and Employment Standard
  3. Target level…Meets PAE Requirement and Employment Standard
  4. IDEAL level…Above the PAE Requirement and represents current paramedic abilities

With your abilities categorization, you receive a Physical Development Chart that identifies the PAE test components and suggests workout Weights, Primary & Secondary Muscle Groups, and relatable Occupational Tasks. Currently, the PREP is 30 min and fees are $125* (or $128.88 with PayPal) per test including:

  • occupational capability for equipment carry
  • 4 bilateral strength positions
  • hand grip strength
  • occupational capability for patient carry showing control, agility & endurance

Upcoming Cities for PREP

> GTA E3 - PREP _ Week of Jul 23

If there is a PAE spot in the same week and location, it may be possible to be offered as 2 PREPs.

Please email info@awci.ca to make the request.

To pre-arrange a group, contact our office at info@awci.ca to arrange a date/location/time.


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